The Thorn - New Original Soundtrack by Brad Nyght

This is SO COOL!

The Thorn theatre production has seen over 1,000,000 attend their productions over the past 10 years and with Compassion Intl. getting involved next year this production is getting some serious 2015 international wings.

I've been a fan of John and Sarah Bolin and the whole Thorn crew for a few years now and finally got a a chance to connect with John and start reworking and writing a new soundtrack for The Thorn 2014/2015 stage production!

Tons of sweeping strings, heart-stopping percussion breaks and gut-wrenching vocal melodies will soon meet the emotional power of the Easter story. Some of the new tracks (the Resurrection scene, Miracles scene, Hell scene) will debut this year with a full rework slated for the 2015 season! Rumor has it Compassion International will be getting involved to bring this production overseas for some heavy ministry opps!

So far Matt Wheeler, Danielle Nyght, Ryann Miller and myself have cut vocals for the production with more to come!  

Official Thorn Trailer from Thorn Productions on Vimeo.




The Priest's Son - Soundtrack by Brad Nyght


Had the privildege of scoring this incredible 30min documentary from Every Home For Christ this past year.

I also mixed and mastered all of the post audio and my lovely wife Danielle did the VO work!

I was originally contracted to score only the first 2 minutes and the final 4 minutes but over the course of the project I talked it over with the clients and they agreed that I should finish the work on it in it's entirety...

Lots of great creaitve moments for me, I love heavy percussion so almost all of the rhythmic elements I played live with real instruments and drums, no samples!

The Priest's Son Film from Every Home for Christ on Vimeo.


Jan162014 licenses "You've Come Home" for their website!

Love this! just picked up my track "You've Come Home" for a new promo for their site! It was a big license and I'm excited to see the traction it gets!



Logitech picks up track for nationwide instore demos!

This is cool! So Logitech just picked up a track of mine called "Extraordinary" for use in their nationwide instore demos! Pretty rad L) Check out Bestbuy or Officemax and you'll hear the track!




Brad Scores new "Every Day Downtown" for city of Colorado Springs


Really enjoyed working on this track for the wonderful team at Magneti Marketing in Colorado Springs. This project was for the downtown area of the Springs as a promo for the various opportunities it offers...

I wrote and played/sang everything on the track!