Dream Big - Original score and Sound Design

This is one rad spot! So glad I got to be a part of this with my bro Jeremiah Karr.... Some beautiful and inpiring footage to work from and the poetry of the VO script...amazing...




Dream Big from Jeremiah Karr on Vimeo.

There is a brief quiet interaction,
A few short moments in the day of perfect clarity,
Stored deep within.

A point of sudden and flashing awareness..
That there is more,
So much more than anyone has ever, experienced in this life.

And in that place we begin to dream,
The world stands with hands clasped over open mouths,
Hushing our simple disbelief.
Waiting for words and plans,
To be brought back from this disposition and woven into time.

These dreams, our deepest hopes and aspirations,
Are not mere illusions or fantasies,
But avenues and roadmaps to the place God is calling us.

Wonder and awe, a brilliant landscape,
A million colors and we're the ones who get to see it…
We are not limited by religion, society, or expectations,
Because we are the dreamers…
Given a chance to see beyond life and death.
Into the very power of Resurrection itself…

Wake up, O Sleeper, raise up from the dead, and Christ will Shine all the more.
Behind every failure
Is Jesus.
Screaming at the top of his love filled lungs,
That even if the whole world stands against you…
You've got this, and I've got you.

Follow that dream and let it burn within,
Let it set ablaze everything,
That dares to come near.

Directed by Jeremiah Karr
Script Written by Thomas Hogan
Cinematography / Editing / Graded / by Jeremiah Karr
Original Score by Brad Nyght
Sound Design by Brad Nyght


Score for "Everything Matters" Benchmark Homes 

Hey guys!


I got to work with my good friend Ralph Baja on this track for his client Benchmark Homes in California.

I enjoyed playing acoustic guitar on this one!

If you dig the track, hit up MusicBed for it :)

*And Winter Gave Way To Spring*



A visual of the Bakery Studios and score by Brad Nyght

This spot was shot just recently at the Bakery Studios by my good friend and director/producer Christian Schultz. He does amazing work with The Music Bed in Fort Worth and had me do the score for this spot... Love what happened!

Films About Numbers: Number Three from Christian Schultz on Vimeo.



Brad scoring Empty Chair -

Really enjoyed this one!

The video was edited after I did the original score so there are times when the video no longer matches up with what I had initialy done. Some filter sweeps, etc don't quite line up like they used to :)Oh well, that's called scoring!

The video looks great and the score was a lot of fun! Nick Angeloff and Adam Cruz did an amazing

Empty Chair from Adam Cruz on Vimeo.



Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Had the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation licenese the track "Undeniably" for web and event promo!